What is Child Care Subsidy and how can I get it?

Who can get it
If you care for a child 13 or younger who’s not attending secondary school, if you use an approved child care service such as LAkeside Creative Minds, if you take responsibility for paying the gap in the child care fees and if you meet the residency and immunisation requirements, then you might be eleigible to receive Child Care Subsidy or CCS.

How much can you get?
The amount of CCS you get depends on your circumstances such as your family’s income, the hourly rate cap based on yourr child’s age, the hours of activity you and your partner do and the number of children in your care. The easist way to find out how much CCS you get would be by booking a free consultation with our friendly team at Lakeside Creative Minds either by phone on (02) 4983 1609 or by emailing us at info@lakesidecreativeminds.com.au 

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